John Preston in 2007
John Preston
In Memoriam
15th December 1939 - 30th November 2020


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John Preston was stimulating, entertaining and amusing company, drawing on his wide range of personal experience, encyclopaedic knowledge and extensive reading to add value to any conversation. As a result discussions with John were never dull and often challenging.
Political matters lay at the centre of John’s interests and he would often draw parallels – in great detail – between contemporary follies and historical outcomes. He complemented this with a deep interest in the automotive industry one of his past career choices, and his experience of working in the Eastern Bloc. These two factors combined to produce a deep love of the Czechoslovakian Tatra (right) whose design is rumoured to have influenced the design of the VW Beetle. 

Sadly John developed a condition that affected the use of his limbs and his ability to move around whilst maintaining a safe balance. He never let this stop him living life to the full, but eventually in October 2020 multiple cancers also came to haunt John with the result that he was admitted to Mayday Hospital and then transferred to St Christopher’s Hospice where he died peacefully on 30th November 2020.

We hope this web site will provide a view and memory of John that he would be happy for us to share.

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Geoffrey Scott-Baker
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